Regional Director of Clinical Services

Job Description

De Vore Recruiting is looking for a regional director of clinical services who has experience with long term care. The candidate will be working for a skilled nursing facility and should express a genuine interest in caring for elderly patients. They will ensure that all audits are applicable to legal, administrative and licensure requirements and that all state regulations and company policies are met. Candidates should be very detailed with reports specifying any client issues from the audits and investigations. Additionally, they will provide recommendations for corrective actions and monitoring. Candidates should be self starters and comfortable working with minimal supervision.

Job responsibilities:

The director of clinical services will work closely with the Vice President of Operations and report on the status of tasks. They will be responsible for participating in company activities, recruitment, hiring, training and the dismissal of employees. They should be able to collaborate with departments on any questions, investigations or revisions of policies and procedures.

Additional responsibilities include: 

- Establish, maintain, and upgrade standards for nursing and procedure manuals.

- Handle reviews of nursing facility services 

- Development detailed reports of any client issues and then correcting them. 

- Manage site audits and investigations.

Job Requirements

Qualified Regional directors should posses great verbal and written communication skills. They should be able to work well with others on a team and demonstrate leadership while functioning within all parts of the company. Candidates are required to handle a variety of challenging and stressful situations and should be able to remain confident and professional at all times.

Additional requirements include: 

- Valid RN's license.

- Approximately 5 or more years of experience 

- Strong knowledge and understanding of all state and federal regulations of long term care.

- Knowledgeable of on care planning and processes.

Benefits and Additional Information:

The regional director of clinical services will receive many great benefits and opportunities. Salaries may differ depending on specific facilities and locations, but qualified candidates can expect approximately 60,000 dollars per year (depending on experience). Additionally, qualified candidates will receive medical benefits which may include dental and vision, depending on location.