Clinical Laboratory Scientist

Job Description

De Vore Recruiting is looking for an experienced clinical laboratory scientist who will perform accurate diagnostic analysis on patients. They should be prepared to work within all areas of the clinical laboratory which could include microbiology, blood banking, chemistry, hematology and histology. Candidates will know how to accurately perform a range of laboratory tests that ensure proper medical treatments.

Job Responsibilities

Clinical laboratory scientists will work under the direction of supervisors. Candidates will be responsible for processing specimens, conducting tests and reporting test results. Additionally, they should know how to operate laboratory equipment and feel confident in their ability to troubleshoot systems when needed.

Additional responsibilities include:    

- Monitor preventative maintenance

- Ability to keep, organize and manage laboratory records, tests, logs and analyses. 

- Identify any problems that may occur that could affect test performance 

- Assist with all performance improvement activities

Job Requirements

Qualified Clinical Laboratory Scientists will be able to work in a fast-paced environment that can become stressful at times. They are required to be self-disciplined and have the ability to work with good judgment with little supervision. Candidates will possess great technical knowledge and have a strong attention to detail.

Additional Requirements Include: 

- Bachelor's degree in clinical lab science or related area 

- Current state clinical laboratory scientist certificate. 

- Ability to follow all protocols, processes, and rules and regulations while reporting to supervisors when needed. 

- Ability to use clinical analyzers and equipment. 

- Experience with producing accurate results - Ability to present information in groups of people or in a one-on-one setting.


Clinical Laboratory Scientists are offered competitive salaries and great benefits. Depending on the specific location and facility candidates are working in, they will make approximately 40,000 dollars per year. Benefit packages are normally available for full-time employees, depending on location.