De Vore Recruiting MDS Coordinator

Job Description

De Vore Recruiting is looking for skillful MDS coordinators or nurse assessment coordinators who will be devoted to caring for all nursing home residents, while abiding by and reporting to the federal rules and regulations of Medicare and Medicaid certified nursing homes. Most of the facilities’ MDS coordinators will require that they administer patients’ and residents’ assessment processes securely and confidentially.
Job Responsibilities
Candidates will be communicating with patients and their families directly about their care plans. They will be responsible for communicating, coordinating and monitoring all of the patients’ treatment plans.
Additional responsibilities for MDS coordinators are as follows:
  • Properly documenting patient care plans.
  • Looking at coding errors in patient charts.
  • Abiding by facility guidelines and engaging in patient care plan meetings.
  • Promoting the health of all long-term care residents.

Job Requirements
The MDS coordinator will be required to follow regulations of long-term care. It’s important that all candidates have a love and passion for working with elderly patients. They will also be expected to have great verbal and interpersonal skills, and should know how to manage tasks and teams effectively.
Additional MDS coordinator requirements are:
  • Licensed and registered nurse.
  • Experience in nursing home and long-term care facilities.
  • Knowledge of RAI/PSS processes Experience with managing patient care plans.
  • Computer literacy skills

Long-term care facilities offer qualified MDS coordinators great benefits. The elderly community has grown over the last few years and is expected to increase more. It’s estimated that candidates in this position will make on average 60,000 dollars per year. Benefits and salary will vary depending on specific facilities.