Health Information Manager- De Vore Recruiting

De Vore Recruiting is seeking qualified HIM Managers (Health Information Manager). Candidates will be responsible for providing management and supervision to patients’ healthcare plans and systems. This will require candidates to process, collect, analyze and distribute information that may be important to the healthcare industry staff members and patients. They will be expected to come up with new, creative ideas and improve the quality of the facility they are working for. Qualified candidates will also be very organized, team-oriented and caring towards healthcare professionals and patients. 
Job Responsibilities 
HIM Managers will be responsible for supervising the planning, organizing, and implementing of the Health Information Management Program. Procedures and work standards for the department they are working for will be expected to be handled with professionalism. 
Additional responsibilities
- Design and manage information systems 
- Collect and generate records and reports of patients being treated
- Knowledge of disease and surgical procedures, computer systems and databases and the ability to set up and monitor systems
- Understand the security and legal use of patient’s medical records and health information 
Job Requirements 
Qualified HIM mangers will be required to provide healthcare to patients in a cheerful, enthusiastic manner. They should also be able to handle a variety of challenging and stressful situations. At times, candidates will help and work with disabled, elderly and emotionally upset patients. 
Additional requirements
- Registered Health Information Technician or Information 
- Administrator 5 to 10 years of supervisory experience
- Familiarity with Assisted Living accreditation standards and guidelines
- Knowledgeable in state regulations Strong decision-making skills, analytical skills and problem solving abilities
HIM managers receive many great benefits and opportunities. Salaries may differ depending on specific facilities and locations, but qualified candidates can expect to make anywhere between 30,000 to 80,000 dollars per year.