Nursing Home Administrator

De Vore recruiting is looking to fulfill positions for a Nursing Home Administrator. Candidates are expected to be compassionate and professional. They should also be able to supervise, plan, develop, monitor and maintain appropriate standards of care throughout all facilities. Candidates will identify and build relationships within the local area to drive business and facilitate small group presentations to develop awareness of offered services. Qualified candidates should be skilled at their job, and be able to attract, develop and retain all top-performing employees. This position will also require supervising and training a team of staff members through performance management, supervision and discipline. 
Job Responsibilities
The Nursing Home Administrator will make sure that the community maintains compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. The candidate requires to maintain a positive and nurturing community atmosphere for residents, their family and friends and all team members. Candidates will also have to successfully manage quality assurance, financial details and regulatory compliance. They will oversee staff, maintain resident satisfaction, handle all financial operations and have a strong line of communication with all department managers. 
Job Requirements
As a Nursing Home Administrator, candidates must possess compassion and a desire to work with the elderly as this is the focus of the job. They should also be able to communicate effectively with residents and their families, vendors, staff and the public. Furthermore, qualified candidates should have a minimum of five to ten years of experience working as a manager in a senior living home. They should also have a valid nursing home administrator license, strong knowledge of federal, state and local regulations and a proven ability to effectively market, sell and operate nursing facilities. 
De Vore's Administrative Staffing division matches qualified Nursing Home Administrators to exciting job opportunities that offer a wide array of great benefits. This position will approximately pay between $75,000-$100,000 per year. In the United States the average Nursing Home Administrator earned around 90,000 dollars per year. Salary will depend on years of experience, credentials and location. Along with an annual salary other benefits such as health care plans are normally presented.