10 States with the Greatest Need for Nursing Employment

10 States with the Greatest Need for Nursing Employment

The health care industry is generally seen as a quality and in-demand industry in which to enter. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts that the field will continue to offer plenty of job availability and nursing employment through 2020.


Yet there are nursing shortages in various states due to a variety of reasons, one of which being the fact that Baby Boomer nurses are retiring in the next few years. Other factors include location, as will be seen in the following list that highlights states with the greatest nursing shortages, courtesy of insidermonkey.com.


·        Minnesota – Nurses in rural areas are in demand.

·        New York – Nurses throughout the state, including New York City, are needed. Also, nurses in this state may find its deep cultural offerings to be a strong selling point.

·        Ohio – Nurses are needed in this state where quaint towns and mid-sized cities make it a good place to raise a family.

·        Alaska – It’s the least densely populated state in the country due to what many see as unfavorable living conditions. However, nurses are in need in this state.

·        Utah – Despite the fact that it boasts some of the most beautiful terrain, the state is lacking in nurses. Good standards of living help make up for lower pay nurses may receive.

·        Oregon – The state’s beauty and numerous hiking and skiing options make this a popular destination.

·        Texas – There is demand for both rural and city nurses in Texas, where cost of living is affordable.

·        Hawaii – Nurses are in high demand on this tropical paradise and also are paid well.

·        California – The state will need to fill 800,000 new nurses by 2015, according to some estimates. Nurses are paid well to help with higher costs of living.

·        Florida – Known as a retirement state, Florida will always be in demand for nurses. And excellent living conditions make this a favorable choice for many.


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