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Recruiting through Social Media Networking

The future of the medical recruitment process is being revolutionized by social media communication platforms.  DeVore Recruiting is participating in this social media movement by attracting and engaging with visible, invisible, passive and active candidates who may be ideal for your open positions.  There is no fast way to recruit a "passive candidate" however there are ways that social media can be used as a medium where talented people in your industry are openly sharing their experience, insights and ideas online. 

Although everyone is a candidate all the time, more than ever, it's important to connect with people in the way they want to be connected with.  Social media platforms offer a foundation for candidate research as well as to cultivate those relationships to find you the best candidates for your search.  Social media platforms such as LinkedIn was created for the sole purpose of showcasing each individual's professional profile as well as giving you the ability to view candidates abilities and qualifications without being too intrusive and respecting their current position. 

Twitter and FaceBook are other avenues that can be explored in the world of social networking by utilizing these channels to connect with the top talent pool and connect with them exactly the way they want to be connected with.