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5 Reasons Why Choosing a Good Healthcare Recruiter is Important

5 Reasons Why Choosing a Good Healthcare Recruiter is Important

The healthcare industry is booming and more students are finishing school. It’s vital to their job search to find a healthcare recruiter that is right for them. This means that the recruiter will have their specific interests in mind when searching for jobs and the job candidate knows specifically what they’re looking for. The recruiter and candidate work best when they know what their goals and desired outcomes are.  

Here are 5 reasons why choosing a good healthcare recruiter is important:

  1. They can focus on your industry. Good healthcare recruiters can focus on the specific industry that candidates are looking to work in. They will be able to fully understand the type of healthcare job the candidate is looking for, give them valuable information about specific jobs and accelerate their job search.

  2. They have great client relationships. Healthcare recruiters that are good at what they do will have relationships with employers. This can benefit candidates because they’ll have inside information about specific jobs and be the first to know if something becomes available.

  3. They’ll have great job openings. A great healthcare recruiter will have a lot of openings to choose from in the field that candidates are looking for. They will also have openings in both entry-level and senior-level jobs. Recruiters will have more than just one job position available that candidates could be interested in.

  4. They are extremely professional. Healthcare recruiters that mean business will be very professional when handling job seekers. They will value their relationship and take the time to make sure that candidates are serious about their job search.

  5. They will land you the job. The best healthcare recruiters make sure that their candidates land the job as quickly and effectively as possible. They will provide valuable information that candidates would otherwise not know and are extremely detailed in how they can help individuals get the job they want.

Choosing the right healthcare recruiter can seem like a challenging task but, once the bad recruiters are separated from the good you will know which firm is best for you. Get that dream job today with De Vore Recruiting and click here.

The Future of Medical Recruitment

The Future of Medical Recruitment

The healthcare industry is constantly changing and within the past few years the medical recruitment industry has changed with it. It’s extremely important that medical recruiters incorporate the demographic trends into their recruitment strategies.

Recruiting advanced medical students and clinicians, as well as ensuring that all recruitment efforts are looking for leadership qualities is important to the future.

Recruiting advanced medical graduates and physicians

In the future medical recruiters will have to focus on finding physicians and medical graduates who are advanced leaders in the healthcare industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that, between the ages of 18 and 32, Americans will have approximately 9 jobs, meaning that most people's’ jobs are not permanent. For this reason, it’s important that recruiters seek out qualified candidates who have various leadership skills in their area of expertise.

Team Work

Teamwork is another aspect of the medical industry that is important to the future of medical recruitment. The demand for nurse practitioners and physicians has become higher over the last few years, and hospitals have particular characteristics they are looking for in candidates. Teamwork is one quality that employers are looking for because the outcomes of patients can often times be very dependent on the quality of the team working on them.


According to the Wolters Kluwer Health 2013 Physician Outlook Survey, 80 percent of physicians are using the internet on a daily basis. This means that it’s even more important that medical recruiters are using technology effectively. Recruiters should combine social media efforts, e-mail marketing, and job boards into their recruitment strategies.

The medical recruitment industry is changing rapidly and it’s imperative that recruiters stay on trend so that their healthcare clientele gets the service they deserve. To learn more about medical recruitment go to

What to Keep in Mind When Hiring Healthcare Employees

What to Keep in Mind When Hiring Healthcare Employees

Do you want to hire the best candidates for your healthcare job? Training employees is one of the most expensive parts of the hiring process. In fact, ChartCourse estimates that it costs around 40,000 dollars to train a new nurse. It’s very important that employers choose the right candidate for the job the first time. Choosing the right candidate will lead to better productivity, better employee relationships, and an overall good work environment.

Here are 5 pointers to hiring the right employee:

1. Decide what you want out of a candidate

Determining the responsibilities, duties, and skill set for a candidate is essential to choosing the right candidate. This will help with setting a clear understanding on expectations and the desired outcomes. Setting expectations and desired outcomes will make it easier to develop a job description for the position.

2.   Plan a recruiting strategy

Talking with key employees and healthcare recruiters is critical to a recruiting strategy. Employers can hire qualified recruiting companies to help with a recruiting strategy and seek out qualified candidates.Specialty healthcare recruiter companies will help find the best, most qualified, candidates for employers.

3.            Review credentials

Reviewing credentials can be very important to finding qualified candidates. Healthcare candidates should have relative experience and job certifications. It’s important to evaluate their credentials to ensure it aligns with company goals.

4.            Ask the right questions

During an interview, it’s important to ask the right questions. Try asking critical questions that can separate desirable candidates from average candidates. These questions will help to learn more about a candidate and their qualifications.

5.            Check backgrounds  

Completing background checks is a vital step to the hiring process. Ensuring that the candidate has all of the necessary experience, skills, and qualifications is crucial in choosing the right candidate. Background checks should include employment references, educational verification, certification verification, and any criminal history.

These five steps to the hiring process can be very important to finding the right candidate for a healthcare job. For more information on getting ahead of the hiring process and finding the right candidate contact Devore about nursing employment recruiting at 877-411-4358.

How to Ace a Health care Interview with the Help of Healthcare Recruiters

How to Ace a Health care Interview with the Help of Healthcare Recruiters

We recently revealed how to write a winning healthcare resume and thought that there’s no better follow up than to outline how to ace a healthcare interview. Healthcare students have officially started to graduate from school which is why being on top of healthcare trends is very important to the success of an interview. It’s possible that some of the available jobs have been open for up to a year and they’re just starting to fill up now.

In a recent interview with the nursing department chair, Debra Bitter, talked about what she looks for when hiring students for nursing jobs.

Here are the main factors she laid out for a successful health care interview:

First impressions: It’s no secret that first impressions are very important in interviews. Even if candidates are not relaxed during an interview, it’s important to portray that they are. Engaging in conversation and remaining friendly and upbeat during the interview can be determining factors in whether or not candidates get the job.

Professionally dressed: Attire is vital when going in for professional healthcare interviews. If candidates are dressed correctly in an interview it can not only raise their confidence, it will make interviewers feel that they are very serious about the interview and the job. A word to the wise? Dress to impress!

Communication: Verbal communication and written communication is very essential to healthcare interviews. Interviewees should clearly communicate their thoughts and listen to exactly what the interviewer is saying. Along with verbal communication, written communication is also very important. If candidates show that they can write concisely and informatively, interviewers will feel that they are a well-rounded, intelligent candidate for the job.  

Preparation: It’s essential to the success of an interview to prepare. The healthcare industry is very detailed and organized in the way that they handle things which is why it is so important to be prepared for an interview before going in. Candidates who have taken time to investigate specific details about their health care employer will have an advantage in the interview.

By using these key steps when interviewing for a healthcare job it will be much more likely that you will get the job you want! If you have been having trouble looking for a job or want more guidance on finding a healthcare position click here.