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Growth in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Growth in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In 2013, total spending on US medicine has increased to $329.2 billion from $319.1 billion in 2012, marking a recovery in US pharmaceutical market, according to a recent studyMedicine Use and Shifting Costs of Healthcare: A Review of the Use of Medicines in the United States, by the IMS Institute for Healthcare Information.

In terms of career development, in 2012 Hoosier Hot 50 jobs list produced by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, careers in pharmacy ranks eighth on the list.

The list, which ranks jobs based on expected wage and demand in 2020, is compiled using information based on Indiana's occupational projections and wage data from the Occupational Employment Statistics survey

According to the survey, the number of positions for pharmacists is expected to grow 2.5% each year through 2020, for an increase of about 163 jobs each year. More than 1,600 jobs will be added through 2020. The average salary for pharmacists is $110,053.

Compared with 10 years ago, pharmacists’ job responsibilities have moved from primarily filling prescriptions to more clinical activities. Nowadays, retail pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens and Kroger offer many services such as immunizations, health screenings, medication management therapy and more.

For job seekers with doctor’s degree in pharmacy, there are many career opportunities:

  • Retail: People usually start from a retail pharmacist, then can choose to become a pharmacy manager, coordinator or progress up through the ranks of merchandising or operational leadership;
  • Industry: There are many industry career opportunities in companies such as Eli Lilly.
  • Pharmaceutical Sales: In 2012, the sales of Top 5 pharmaceutical companies in the US was more than 90 billion U.S. dollars, which is more than one third of the total spending on medicines in the US. As the whole industry is growing, there will more opportunities in the pharmaceutical sales area.

If you are interested in finding a job in the pharmaceutical industry, contact De Vore Recruiting at 877-411-4358.

The Future of Nursing Careers

The Future of Nursing Careers

According to Professor Philip Greiner, the director of the School of Nursing at San Diego State University and member of the American Association of the Colleges of Nursing’s future task force, a number of changes await the future of nursing careers.

With the evolution of medical technology and the implementation of ACA (Affordable Care Act), nursing will undergo even more changes in the future. Some of these changes include a transition from hospitals settings to long-term care facilities or home-based settings and a new higher standard for nurses to obtain a bachelor’s degree. Greiner also mentioned that in order to increase the competency of nurses, some hospitals have initiated nurse residency programs. In this way, hospitals are more likely to prevent problems from happening rather than dealing with them after they occur.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a 19 percent growth in nursing employment between 2012 and 2022. However, many believe that there will still be lack of nurses in the near future as a result of more chronic diseases and the obesity epidemic.

Cheryl Parker, a San Diego-based RN-BC, provided some insights into the changing roles of nurses: she noted that under the influence of aging society, there is a visible increase in demand for nurses that specialize in care of elderly and who can work independently. Also, more care will be provided at a transitional setting and at home as in-patient hospital length of stays decrease. “I believe we will see more primary care services provided by nurse practitioners. As more people have access to insurance coverage (under the Affordable Care Act) the focus is shifting to preventive care in order to help our population stay as healthy as possible.” She predicted.

In summary, there will be a rise in demand for nurses in the near future, especially for those that are better educated and specialize in elderly care. If you are interested in finding a healthcare job, contact De Vore Recruiting at 877-411-4358.

5 Jobs That Will Grow In The Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is expected to grow by 5 million jobs in the next ten years. As discussed before, this is a very high percentage of jobs and many people in the industry are interested in what jobs are going to increase. Here are five jobs that are expected to grow and the many reasons why people will see an increase in these jobs in the next few years.

Personal care aides- Personal care aide jobs are expected to increase by approximately 50 percent. More patients will hire personal care aides to work in their homes and help with day-to-day tasks because the elderly population is growing.

Physician assistants- Physician assistant jobs are expected to increase by approximately 40 percent from what they are today. Hospitals and nursing homes will need more physician assistants to help with their responsibilities like exams, diagnosing, and treatment. Additionally, physician assistants will play a larger role in the care of patients.

Occupational therapy aides- Occupational therapy aide jobs are expected to grow by approximately 35 percent in the next ten years. More healthcare providers will hire assistants to handle patient demands and reduce occupational therapy costs.

Home health aides- Home health aide jobs will increase by almost 50 percent in the next few years. These jobs are expected to increase because more elderly patients are choosing to live at home and receive help, rather than living in assisted living facilities.

Physical therapist assistants- Physical therapist assistant jobs will increase by more than 40 percent. Hospitals, physical therapy offices, and nursing facilities will have to reduce the cost of care and be able to help the growing patient volume as the country's population ages.

These are just a few of the growing healthcare positions that will become available in the next ten years. If you are interested in finding a healthcare job, contact De Vore Recruiting at 877-411-4358.


The Healthcare Industry Has the Highest Paying Jobs

The Healthcare Industry Has the Highest Paying Jobs

Finding a new job can be stressful and time consuming. However, there is great news for those who are looking in the healthcare industry. Healthcare jobs are available and the field is growing rapidly. The industry offers some of the highest paying and ranking careers in the United States.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, thirteen out of fifteen of the highest ranking occupations were in the healthcare industry. Additionally, the healthcare industry is expected to grow tremendously in the next ten years, with more than 22 million healthcare positions available. This type of growth will mean that the healthcare industry’s will may surpass professional and business sectors.

Why is the healthcare industry growing?

There are many reasons why the healthcare industry is growing. One reason is due to all of the advancements in medical technology. Newer equipment and technology means new jobs that become available to skilled employees who are specifically trained on how to use the devices. Another reason why the healthcare industry is growing is because of the aging population. There are more people in older age groups who need assistance with daily needs or those who require more medical attention. The healthcare industry will continue to grow as new technology and the aging population persist.

What does this mean for potential healthcare employees?

While there may be a lot of health care positions opening up, this does not necessarily mean that the jobs will be completely accessible. Many of these jobs will require advance skill sets and more than just a bachelor degree. A Georgetown study found that more than 80 percent of the jobs that become available will only be open to those post-secondary education and advanced training.  

What is recommended before applying for healthcare jobs?

If qualified candidates are looking for healthcare jobs, it is recommended that they make sure they can meet all the requirements that employers will expect.This may mean additional schooling and training before applying. Further, it is a good idea to sign up with a healthcare recruiter who specializes in the field in which they are looking for work. Candidates should be on top of their job search to ensure that they are positioning themselves for a spot in the healthcare industry.

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