Healthcare Hiring Has a Heartbeat

Healthcare Hiring Has a Heartbeat

The healthcare industry is experiencing hiring growth that should continue through the beginning of 2015. This positive news is a dose of much needed relief for many who were starting to worry about the various reasons for which there was a dearth of open positions.


The enactment of the Affordable Care Act – while a positive change for many uninsured citizens – did negatively affect healthcare hiring as many wanted to wait and to observe potential fallout from the new legislation. However, new figures from the Altarum Health Institute’s Center for Sustainable Health Spending and the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal that open jobs in the industry are increasing.


Around 28,500 jobs were added to hospitals throughout 2014. Approximately 4,300 positions at hospitals were added in the month of November alone. As a whole, the healthcare industry averaged 28,900 new career positions every month since November 2013. So between November 2013 and November 2014, around 261,000 new jobs were filled – with the help of nursing recruiting agencies.


Physicians’ offices faired the best overall when comparing the various sectors within healthcare. They added 6,600 jobs in two months in 2014. Home healthcare added 5,000 positions. Unfortunately, nursing care facilities didn’t see similar growth. Around 1,300 jobs were cut between October and November last year.


The Altarum Institute’s figures showed that 24,500 new jobs were added to the healthcare industry in October 2014 alone.


The Affordable Care Act created much change within the industry, which affected reimbursements and other issues. Healthcare providers sometimes struggle to collect patients’ high deductibles. The good news is that hiring is increasing finally.


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