Healthcare: November’s Jobs Report

Healthcare: November’s Jobs Report

Healthcare jobs continued to show solid growth in November, according to the recent federal data. The healthcare industry added nearly 29,000 jobs throughout the month.  These jobs filled the following sectors: hospitals, nursing and residential providers and ambulatory care. The latter saw the most growth, according to the release. The new jobs added to the 14.9 million healthcare workers in the U.S.


And news continues to get better for the industry. The report notes that:


·        November’s job growth was significant compared to the year’s monthly average of 23,500 jobs.


·        Healthcare employers added approximately 261,000 jobs – a 1.8 percent increase – in the 12 months that ended in November.


·        Hiring recovered (especially at hospitals) this year following last year’s slowdown.


·        Hiring at nursing and residential care facilities did, however, remain relatively unchanged with 300 new jobs added to the total number of 3.4 million.


·        Job growth totaled .8 percent during the year that ended in November for nursing homes and residential care employment. Payrolls increased by 24,500 jobs.


·        Employment increased in November in home health care services (over 5,000), outpatient care centers (over 4,000), hospitals (over 4,000) and physicians’ offices (over 7,000).


·        321,000 jobs were added in the month of November across the economy.


·        “Ambulatory care” (i.e. labs, outpatient centers, physicians’ offices and other sectors) added 24,300 jobs in November


·        During the entire year that ended in November, ambulatory care added 208,200 jobs – a 3.2 percent increase from the previous year.


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