Job Spotlight: Nursing Home Administrator

Job Spotlight: Nursing Home Administrator

At De Vore Recruiting, a majority of our work involves filling director-level positions in the health care field. One of those positions includes Nursing Home Administrator (NHA), for which there is a current opening in State College, Pennsylvania.


This skilled position is vitally important to a nursing home facility. A quality nursing home administrator must balance compassion and care for the residents and their family members while making the right business decisions for the facility and its profitability.


A nursing home administrator must be thinking about keeping a building full while maintaining a quality survey history. Other concerns include providing adequate social services and dining services while fulfilling physical therapy and occupational needs. All services must be provided and done well.


In California, where De Vore is headquartered, nursing home administrators must be licensed by the Nursing Home Administrator Program (NHAP). The licensing helps to assure that the security, health, safety and rights of the skilled nursing facility are being met. The NHA must be sure to maintain proper compliance with state and federal regulations while managing the development and implementation of policies within the various departments.


A nursing home administrator has to wear a lot of hats. At De Vore, we're looking for a candidate who can manage the difficult balancing act of understanding the importance of building revenue while being sensitive to the residents' needs. We're looking for good communicators — verbal and written — who understand that the goal is to get a facility to a five-star ranking while also efficiently generating revenue. Additionally, we would like to see good stability in the candidate's career history at various facilities.


The NHA will also need to hire and train new staff members and interpret monthly financial statements. She or he must also prepare an annual operations budget.


If you are interested in this position, or any of the other open positions on our website, please give our skilled recruiters a call at 877-411-4358. 

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