Nurses: 4 Ways to Find Work in a Another State

Nurses: 4 Ways to Find Work in a Another State

Sometimes nurses are looking to share their services in areas where there may be a dearth of quality health care professionals, which may require them to make a multi-state move. Other times, jobs for experienced registered nurses or director-level positions aren’t readily available in a certain area.


Whatever the reason, nurses may be interested in finding career openings in new areas but don’t know where to start.


At De Vore Recruiting, we specialize in finding the right candidates to fill in-demand positions for experienced registered nurses and directors within skilled nursing facilities. Here are some tips for health care professionals looking to make a significant move for the right position.


·        If you’re currently unemployed for whatever reason and looking for a job in another state, it always helps to start volunteering during your job search. Volunteer work keeps you relevant and provides a worthwhile bullet point on your resume. You can learn new skills or just merely keep your skills well-practiced. You will also stay abreast of the latest technology and techniques within your field. Employers will appreciate that you’re making an effort to work, rather than just waiting for the next paid position to come along. Check your local free clinics, blood banks or public health departments for open volunteer work.


·        Typically beginning in spring, nursing career fairs are a great way to meet potential employers face-to-face in order to make a more lasting impression. Employers and nursing recruiting agencies will be together in one place, making it more convenient for you as a job seeker. Career fairs are also a great place to network.


·        Pick up the phone. Call anyone – professional or personal – you know, as you never really know who knows who. Call people who aren’t even in the health care industry since they may know someone who may know someone, etc. Tell your contacts what you’re looking for in a new career move. Ask them to stay alert for any job leads or for opportunities to refer you to someone else. Networking and word-of-mouth referrals are the most effective ways to find and receive a job offer.


·        If you’re not finding anything online, it’s probably time to contact a nursing staffing agency like De Vore Recruiting to help you find an appropriate position for your skill level. Some agencies specialize in hospital placement. De Vore is looking for nurses and director-level employees for skilled nursing facilities. Our experienced specialists will help find you the right fit.


Call De Vore Recruiting today at 877-411-4358, or visit our open jobs list on our website to see what’s currently available. You can also submit your resume online. We look forward to helping you find your future fulfilling career move. 

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