Role of the Registered Nurse in an Assisted Living Facility

Role of the Registered Nurse in an Assisted Living Facility

De Vore Recruiting specializes in finding health care professionals to fill registered nurse and director-level positions in nursing homes and skilled/assisted living facilities around the country.


The responsibilities for a registered nurse in an assisted living facility (ALF) – a residential long-term care environment that includes 24-hour, health and personal care services for seniors – are specific.


The following highlights are provided by the American Assisted Living Nurses Association (AALNA). More about the standards for registered nurses in assisted living facilities can be found here.


The following are based on skill set, experience and knowledge. Registered nurses in assisted living facilities are responsible for:


·        Assessing the resident’s physical status when she/he is admitted, as well as during severe changes in health and also annually;


·        Establish a care plan using the information that was gathered on the resident during the assessment process;


·        Share the care plan with the resident and members of the staff and oversee its implementation while noting anything that strays from the plan;


·        Manage the resident’s medication, making sure to test a resident’s ability to manage their own medication administration and storage;


·        Create and oversee programs (including immunization requirements and plans for combating infectious diseases like tuberculosis) that promote health and prevent diseases for residents;


·        Create and oversee a philosophy of care that includes exercise plans  at the assisted living facility;


·        Create and oversee rules for resident capacity and end-of-life care preferences;


·        Be accountable for care practices when it comes to himself/herself and the staff;


·        Ensure care practices have each resident’s best interests in mind.


Assisted living facilities are unique care environments that work hard to avoid an institutional feel and look. They seek to aid seniors who are impaired either cognitively, medically or functional and require some assistance with day-to-day living activities.


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