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5 Jobs That Will Grow In The Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is expected to grow by 5 million jobs in the next ten years. As discussed before, this is a very high percentage of jobs and many people in the industry are interested in what jobs are going to increase. Here are five jobs that are expected to grow and the many reasons why people will see an increase in these jobs in the next few years.

Personal care aides- Personal care aide jobs are expected to increase by approximately 50 percent. More patients will hire personal care aides to work in their homes and help with day-to-day tasks because the elderly population is growing.

Physician assistants- Physician assistant jobs are expected to increase by approximately 40 percent from what they are today. Hospitals and nursing homes will need more physician assistants to help with their responsibilities like exams, diagnosing, and treatment. Additionally, physician assistants will play a larger role in the care of patients.

Occupational therapy aides- Occupational therapy aide jobs are expected to grow by approximately 35 percent in the next ten years. More healthcare providers will hire assistants to handle patient demands and reduce occupational therapy costs.

Home health aides- Home health aide jobs will increase by almost 50 percent in the next few years. These jobs are expected to increase because more elderly patients are choosing to live at home and receive help, rather than living in assisted living facilities.

Physical therapist assistants- Physical therapist assistant jobs will increase by more than 40 percent. Hospitals, physical therapy offices, and nursing facilities will have to reduce the cost of care and be able to help the growing patient volume as the country's population ages.

These are just a few of the growing healthcare positions that will become available in the next ten years. If you are interested in finding a healthcare job, contact De Vore Recruiting at 877-411-4358.