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Tips Before Working With Multiple Recruiting Agencies

Tips Before Working With Multiple Recruiting Agencies
Some healthcare candidates think that working with multiple recruiting agencies can be more beneficial than working with just one recruiting company, however that is not the case.

Many recruiting agencies have the same job listings as other agencies, so candidates have a chance of being submitted for the same job twice. This may mean that employers will not select the candidate because they were submitted into their system more than once.

Having multiple recruiting agencies can also be confusing and time consuming.

Qualified candidates who are working with multiple recruiting companies will have to track what jobs they are being submitted for, and which agencies did the submitting. Then, candidates will have to make sure that they are not being submitted for available jobs more than once. This can be very baffling and is hard to keep organized.

Instead of hiring multiple recruiting agencies, candidates should choose one recruiting company that can represent them the best. Each agency will have qualities that make them special and sets them apart from the others. Find out what qualities an agency brings to the table by asking questions. Here are some important questions candidates should ask themselves before hiring a recruiter:

  1. Does the recruiting company have a good relationship with the type of companies that you would like to work for?

  2. Will this recruiting company be a good fit for the field in which you are looking to be employed?

  3. How much time does the recruiter spend with you?

  4. Does the recruiter seem like they care about your wants and needs in a position?

  5. Does the recruiting company have good reviews and previous experience with similar candidates?
Choosing the right recruiter is very important to how successful candidates are in finding a job. Hiring multiple recruiters could do more damage than good. It is recommended that you find one recruiter that understands your needs and is readily available to help you succeed at finding the perfect job.

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What to Keep in Mind When Hiring Healthcare Employees

What to Keep in Mind When Hiring Healthcare Employees

Do you want to hire the best candidates for your healthcare job? Training employees is one of the most expensive parts of the hiring process. In fact, ChartCourse estimates that it costs around 40,000 dollars to train a new nurse. It’s very important that employers choose the right candidate for the job the first time. Choosing the right candidate will lead to better productivity, better employee relationships, and an overall good work environment.

Here are 5 pointers to hiring the right employee:

1. Decide what you want out of a candidate

Determining the responsibilities, duties, and skill set for a candidate is essential to choosing the right candidate. This will help with setting a clear understanding on expectations and the desired outcomes. Setting expectations and desired outcomes will make it easier to develop a job description for the position.

2.   Plan a recruiting strategy

Talking with key employees and healthcare recruiters is critical to a recruiting strategy. Employers can hire qualified recruiting companies to help with a recruiting strategy and seek out qualified candidates.Specialty healthcare recruiter companies will help find the best, most qualified, candidates for employers.

3.            Review credentials

Reviewing credentials can be very important to finding qualified candidates. Healthcare candidates should have relative experience and job certifications. It’s important to evaluate their credentials to ensure it aligns with company goals.

4.            Ask the right questions

During an interview, it’s important to ask the right questions. Try asking critical questions that can separate desirable candidates from average candidates. These questions will help to learn more about a candidate and their qualifications.

5.            Check backgrounds  

Completing background checks is a vital step to the hiring process. Ensuring that the candidate has all of the necessary experience, skills, and qualifications is crucial in choosing the right candidate. Background checks should include employment references, educational verification, certification verification, and any criminal history.

These five steps to the hiring process can be very important to finding the right candidate for a healthcare job. For more information on getting ahead of the hiring process and finding the right candidate contact Devore about nursing employment recruiting at 877-411-4358.