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Why We Love Nurses (And You Should, Too!)

Why We Love Nurses (And You Should, Too!)

Nurses are some of the most well established, educated, and caring people in the world. Their commitment to treating and comforting us during our most vulnerable moments is unparalleled. Their compassion and smile gives us the reassurance and security we need when faced with an uncertain future.

There are many reasons to love nurses and here are a few reasons why we love them:

Attention to Detail:

Nurses have to perform a wide array of tasks among them requires an eye to detail. They have to pay close attention and provide thorough documentation on a patient’s health status. Nurses have to be able to multi-task and structure their day. Many of these tasks include analyzing records, writing assessments, managing equipment, and giving patients their medication which all require an eye to detail.

Compassion and Empathy

Nurses have an uncanny ability to show compassion and empathy under the most trying of times. They can identify and relate with a patient’s feelings and emotions allowing them to establish a connection. This allows them to comfort us during our most vulnerable moments.

Stability and Composure

Nurses are able to remain stable and competent during the most demanding of situations. Nurses often have to handle a lot of difficult emergencies, but they still manage to remain calm and perform their tasks. The average person would find these working conditions challenging and stressful, but nurses are able to maintain their composure and handle these types of situations daily.

Patience and Dedication

Patience and dedication is not something that comes naturally and easily. Nurses have to practice these two characteristics daily and under the most stressful of situations. Nurses are patient, understanding, and dedicated which is why they are the heart and soul of the medical field. These are among the many reasons why medical recruitment companies such as De Vore love nurses.

The healthcare industry, particularly the nursing field, is one of the most competitive industries in the United States. Nurses have very challenging jobs, which is why the field requires special individuals who possess a lot of great qualities. If you’re a nurse looking for a job that suits you or an employer who wants to find the perfect nursing candidate for your job, contact the best healthcare recruiters, De Vore Recruiting at 877-411-4358.