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How to Write a Winning Healthcare Résumé

How to Write a Winning Healthcare Résumé

Writing a healthcare résumé can be a difficult task when you know that many important health care professionals’ eyes will be on it. Not only that, but the healthcare industry is actually the largest employment industry in the United States. As the number of jobs in healthcare increase it is important to ensure that your resume is up-to-date and relevant to the specific companies you are applying to work for.

Whether you’re already in the industry and looking to change jobs or you’re entering the workforce, these tips on writing a winning healthcare résumé should help you land your dream job:

Using Keywords- Many healthcare professionals will use recruiters to scan through résumés and pick out keywords. For this reason, it is important to make sure that specific keywords are in your résumé. Using keywords that are in your target area and that are in the job description can be essential to your résumé.

Relevance- Ensuring that your résumé is relevant to the job you’re applying for, up-to-date with industry standards is critical. The healthcare industry is always changing and evolving which is why résumés should be very relevant with new techniques, policies and practices that take place. Employers will look for the candidate that displays the most relevant skills specific to the job they are hiring for.

Standing Out- Standing out can be essential to writing a winning résumé. Showing different aspects of yourself, that everyone may not have, could persuade employers to look further into your background and call you in for an interview.  

Format- Formatting your résumé is always necessary when applying for jobs. Having a one-page résumé that is clear and concise will attract employers right away.  

Customization- Tailoring a résumé to specific jobs that you are applying for is imperative. If the employers state that they are looking for something in the job description it will make candidates look much better if they outline the job skills they have that are what they are looking for.

If all of these steps are followed when applying for a healthcare job it is more likely that employers will be more interested in you and want to bring you in.

Don't sell yourself short; go write a winning résumé. For more information on available healthcare jobs click here.