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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Recruiter for Your Healthcare Job Search

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Recruiter for Your Healthcare Job Search
You are just about to graduate from school and have your degree in the healthcare industry. It has been a struggle looking for jobs and making connections with qualified professionals who would want you on their team. Studies show that it takes four months to find a job and you are anxious to find that perfect healthcare job now.

Recruiters can help with your healthcare job search. Here are 3 reasons why you should work with a recruiter:

Help to strategize your job search- Healthcare recruiters specialize in matching candidates to qualified professionals. Recruiters can help to achieve short-term and long-term goals, they can strategize with you on which companies would best suit you based on your specific skills, and they can ensure that benefits, flexible scheduling options, and assignments are rewarded.

Knowing you’re not alone- One of the biggest reasons healthcare candidates choose to have recruiters help them with their job search is because they help qualified individuals network in ways that they cannot do themselves. Recruiters will set candidates up with employers, so that connecting with others in the healthcare industry will not be a challenge.

Matching you to qualified professionals- Normally finding employers who are looking for candidates to hire takes months, - maybe even longer. It can be a pain searching for a job the traditional way and sending out a resume when it’s not even known if the company is looking to hire. Recruiters tackle these issues for candidates. They have candidates’ best interests in mind and match them to companies that suit their specific qualifications.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted an increase of twenty-nine percent in healthcare jobs by 2020. This is a very large increase and as more jobs become available, employers will become more picky in choosing candidates. For this reason, recruiters are important to ensuring that these candidates are matched to qualified professionals in a timely manner. 

Healthcare recruiters, Devore Recruiting, can help qualified candidates with finding a job in the healthcare industry by helping to strategize their job search, matching them to qualified professionals and helping them feel like they are not alone with their job search.
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