Top Healthcare Jobs for 2015

Top Healthcare Jobs for 2015

The healthcare industry remains solid and continues to support the U.S. job market as a whole thanks to its stability. Hiring is seeing above-average growth. The industry provides quality salaries alongside the opportunity to make a significant impact on the wellbeing of others.


Perhaps the single most important thing in anyone's existence is their quality of life. If it's not adequate, it affects all aspects of your life. Healthcare professionals directly address and impact this part of your life.


The Bureau of Labor Statistic (BLS) recently came out with the best healthcare jobs for 2015 based on salary and growth.  Some of the top jobs include physical therapist, dietitians and physiologists. All three of these jobs have the potential for high growth and healthy salaries. They're all part of what is becoming a more recognized preventative care option.


The bureau predicts the healthcare industry will grow throughout the next decade thanks to more Americans securing health insurance. Additionally, providers will need to increase their staff to keep up with the increasing number of insured patients. By 2022, healthcare employers will be responsible for 5 million new hires, according to the bureau.


Most healthcare jobs will necessitate an associates or bachelor's degree.


Here are the top 10 jobs for this year in the healthcare field. Growth for each is projected by 2022:


1.      Audiologist: These professionals who determine range and degree of hearing will see a 34 percent growth in their field and have average nearly $70,000 annually.

2.      Dental Hygienist: Average annual salary is over $70,000. This field is projected to grow by 33 percent.

3.      Dietitian: A dietitian will create the best meal plan for an individual's nutritional needs. Salaries hover around $55,000, and job growth is expected around 21 percent.

4.      Medical Laboratory Technician: Average salary is around $34,000 for this job that involves completing routine lab test.

5.      Medical Technologist: This job also performs lab analysis and averages around 448,000. Job growth is projected at 22 percent.

6.      Optician: This profession fills lens prescriptions and fits for glasses. Average salary is around $33,000, and the profession is expected to grow around 23 percent.

7.      Pharmacist: These jobs pay lucratively, with annual salaries around $117,000.

8.      Physical Therapist: These professionals help patients recover and overcome a plethora of ailments. Average salary is $80,000. Growth is predicted at 36 percent.

9.      Physiologist: Creates a fitness plan that improves cardiorespiratory function, flexibility and muscular endurance, among other things. Average salary is around $43,000. Growth is expected around 19 percent.

10.  Podiatrist: With a 23 percent job growth expected, a podiatrist is an appealing job with an average $116,000 annual salary. They treat and diagnose foot-specific issues and recommend corrective devices and therapy.


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