Why Nursing Continues to Be a Top Career Choice

Why Nursing Continues to Be a Top Career Choice

Sometimes it�s good to pause and to reflect upon the value and necessity of the nursing profession.


Likely if you�re reading this, you have been a nurse or held another position in the healthcare profession for quite some time. In most cases, you entered the field in order to provide comfort to those in a vulnerable state. It was (and is) a vocation rather than a profession for you.


Nursing � the healthcare industry, in general � contributes to society in a dramatic way. Despite new requirements and an ever-changing landscape that can bring some stress, it�s good to reflect on why nursing continues to be a sought-after career choice.


Affecting Quality of Life � Patients needing healthcare are in their most vulnerable state. Without your health, there isn�t much else. Nurses are usually compassionate people by nature. They feel for those who are suffering and in need of a professional�s care. Nurses make a direct difference on people�s lives, affecting their quality of life thanks to an acute understanding of the value of life.


Frontline of Defense � Nurses are the first to see and assess a patient�s needs. They advise doctors on care needed and also possible life-saving actions. The decision nurses are making day to day can mean the difference between life and death. The responsibility is great, but so is the reward for nurses committed to bringing people best possible care. Patients trust you in their time of need. Many find this reliance and responsibility fulfilling.


Constantly Learning � Every patient and her or his circumstances is unique. Each situation brings its own complications; therefore, a nurse is constantly learning from each new case. Also, the changing industry with the introduction of new equipment and software on a regular basis keeps the job from becoming stagnant. Experienced nurses also have the ability to mentor new nurses. It�s fulfilling to help share your tried-and-true methods and tips with a new generation of caregivers to help make sure patients are getting the best possible care.


Valued In and Out of the Workplace � Healthcare professionals are comprised mostly of nurses. Nurses provide advice both inside and outside the workplace. Your opinion is valued and consistently sought out.


In-Demand Skills � Nursing skills will be relevant for a lifetime, resulting in competitive salaries, career stability and career mobility. Nurses can often choose their hours, whether that be part-time or full-time work. With the healthcare job market picking back up to help meet the needs of new health insurance patients, nursing is a solid career decision to this day.


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