Devore Recruiting Corporate Website Design Overview

When I came to Jason and Anne over at LA Dezign about designing a new website for my Los Angeles based recruiting firm, it helped that I knew Jason for many years because he gave me quite a break on the cost. Same too for his connection over the water to Lev at Axelnet who built our site on the Adrecom CMS platform at a very reduced cost. In my business it's all about relationships and my company's current website is testament to the value of personal connections.

Now when Jason creates a website architecture for his clients I learned that he follows a 3 step process he calls WHAT, WHO and WHY. And, if you look through my site - just the home page for example - you can see it in play. So what do his 3 W's mean? Here's how I understand it.

When someone visits a website - whether by referral or just stumbling onto it via a search engine or other link - that person has 3 stages to pass through in terms of connecting with the website (and possibly even converting to a customer or a prospect). The first step is simply figuring out if the website can address a particular pain being experienced by the visitor. Sometimes that pain is just I have money to spend and I want to buy something or the pain can be a need to hire a service provider. So the first thing a site needs to do is help a visitor understand what the Company behind the site actually does. WHAT DO YOU DO? WHAT DO YOU OFFER?

If your site connects with the visitor at this most fundamental stage, the next question is more personal and in a sense even more crucial to moving the visitor through the sales funnel. "I see what you do, but do you do it for people like me?" Jason calls this the WHO phase and I think of it more in the sense of "What's in it for me" to be honest. Maybe it's just two ways to skin the same cat. Ultimately the goal is for the website to communicate a sense of industry expertise (e.g. domain experience) tot he visitor so that the service being offered transforms from the universal to the particular.

So in my case for example, yes I do offer recruiting services. But really, what I offer is recruiting services for the HEALTHCARE industry. and in some ways it's even more particular as I concentrate often on skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes. So I am a big believe in talking to visitors in THEIR language and assuming they are wearing THEIR SHOES and THEIR NEEDS, not really caring about my needs.

So the last stage of the site engagement process is the WHY YOU question. Just because you have industry experience, so do many other healthcare recruiting firms. What makes you so good, so different, so compelling?

Without tooting my horn, here's what I would suggest. Take a look at the site they designed for me and see if you can spot the WHAT, WHO and WHY interplay going on inside my webcopy, my visual images and the big banner at the top of the home page. And look to see how the navigation bar intuitively walks visitors through these questions and guides visitors down the different sales funnels.

Give me a call if you have questions for your own website. and of course, if you are looking for a very experienced healthcare recruiter, I work nationally and am sure I can help you or make a solid referral to a local provider if that is more in line with your needs.